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Alfonso Munoz Veron-2.jpg

Manager, Processing Operations
Minera Chinalco Perú S.A

Seasoned Manager in Mine-to-Plant integrated optimization, successfully implementing four Mine-to-Mill and three Mine-to-Leach cases, it increasing 7 to 18% throughput, 2 to 7% Cu recovery, 2 to 4% Cu concentrate, 3 to 8% asset efficiency with additional revenues from USD$30 to $110 MM.


Successful implementation of three cases of Mine-to-Plant online data integration, it supported by advance data analytics and processes optimization with around USD$ 70 MM as additional revenues.


Metallurgist Engineer with 34 years of experience, it leading multicultural teams at multinational companies (former Phelps Dodge, Freeport McMoRan, KGHM Poldska Miedz, Chinalco Perú S.A.).


Experienced professional in Operational Readiness, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Ramp-up (start-up Candelaria-Chile phase I and phase II, start-up Cerro Verde-Peru, operational readiness / debottlenecking / commissioning / start-up Sierra Gorda-Chile, ramp-up Caserones-Chile, precommissioning Chuquicamata Underground-Chile, ramp-up Toromocho-Perú phase I and start-up / commissioning / ramp-up phase II, and Mine-to-Marketing Lean Pull Value Stream Management implementing a successfully case with USD$ 180 MM as additional revenues.


Highly qualified in Operations Management and Operational Excellence Strategies. Oriented to improve production and financial performance, and it delivers value to internal/external customers through integrating frontline multidisciplinary teams, implementing Operational Reliability approach.

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