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MiningTech South America offers outstanding opportunities for service and solution providers to the mining industry, from senior sponsorship to exhibition space. If you are looking to access senior decision makers, this is your best opportunity.

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The most senior sponsorship positions for companies wanting to lead the industry. The package includes keynote speaking slots, premium branding & profiling benefits, multiple presentations across the entire programme of your choice, facilitated meetings and a large prominent stand.


Enhance your market presence with the opportunity to showcase your industry experience and insight. This package is offers premium speaking slot, guaranteed meetings and a generous stand. Ideal for companies looking to build brand and thought leadership.


These entry level sponsorship packages give you either one speaking slot on day 2 or spotlight slot and a stand. Ideal for smaller companies wishing to speak at the show.


Various stand sizes are available across the show floor. Ideal for companies wishing to generate leads and network.

Who should exhibit?
Automation & Robotics
  • Drilling and blasting

  • Excavators

  • Drones and UAVs

  • Loaders and haulage

  • Dozers

  • Software solutions

  • Fleet management

IoT, AI, Cloud &
Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence providers

  • Cloud computing and IT platforms

  • 3D mapping

  • Training simulation software

  • Data visualisation software

  • Machine learning analytics

  • Mine design and planning software

  • Virtual reality technology

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Cyber Security & Safety
  • Cyber Security technology

  • Virtual Simulation

  • Network security providers

  • Application and service platforms

  • Security software

Mineral Processing, Sorting Technology & Efficiency
  • Crushing and grinding efficiency technology

  • Milling and flotation technology

  • Process training simulation

  • Predictive control solutions

  • Plant management systems

  • LTE providers

  • Wi-Fi providers

  • Satellite connectivity

  • Radio solutions networks

Smart Mining & Investment
  • Energy management platforms

  • Comminution technology

  • Smart heating systems

  • Advanced Process Controls

  • Decision support software

  • Machine-learning systems

Resource Management Optimization
  • Water management solutions

  • Waste management solutions

  • Green mining technology

  • Water purification/ decontamination

  • Water treatment services

4 reasons to sponsor and exhibit
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