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Mining Zone

Anglo American

Anglo American is a diversified global mining company.

We work in a safe, responsible and sustainable way to provide first-rate and highly competitive products globally in our portfolio of operations. We are always prepared to meet the metals and minerals consumption needs of developed and developing economies.

We apply innovative practices and the latest technologies to discover new resources and operate our products in accordance with our Sustainable Mining Plan . In our operations, we extract diamonds through De Beers, the world leader in the production of this precious stone. We also produce copper, platinum group metals, iron ore, coal and nickel.

We ensure the safety of everyone: employees, communities and society in general, always willing to bring prosperity to the regions where we operate. People are the heart of our business. They give meaning to the activities we carry out and enable our journey to serve customers and shareholders around the world.

As a responsible mining company, we value natural resources and believe that they are essential for maintaining the planet's quality of life. Our purpose is to “Reimagine mining to improve people’s lives”.

Mining Zone
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